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Finding creative storytelling solutions for clients is why we get up in the morning. We love the challenge, regardless of the intended audience or means of delivery. All Legendhaus projects are designed using a flexible creation process that provides clients with as much (or little) involvement as they require. The process looks something like this:


We begin every project by listening to our clients, immersing ourselves in their unique story or brand. What is their message? Who is the audience?


Once familiar with the project's specific needs, we can choose art & design styles, as well as the best delivery system suited to the narrative


With our mission and strategy in place, and all technical parameters clearly outlined, our team creatives (or individual artist) can bring the project to life


Milestones are built into the production schedule of every projects to allow clients opportunities for feedback. This ensures control of quality and budget


We know that our client's stories never really end! We help facilitate any steps that come after  delivery of our final product - in whatever form that takes.

...and repeat!

We play in a lot of different ponds, creating entertaining or educational content for digital and print publishing, advertising, animation, gaming and more. Consequently, we offer a variety of services, from providing simple spot illustrations to building and directing teams of creatives to handle larger productions. Small jobs and large get equal treatment at Legendhaus.


Below are sample of what we have to offer. Follow the links to see galleries of our work...

art + creative


custom content

+ publishing

sketch art

+ storyboards


+ Concept art

Graphic design

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