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DC Comics +

General Mills

Clients: DC Comics, General Mills
Services: Editorial, Art Direction, Illustration, Production

This project is one of many examples of our ongoing relationship with the “Special Projects” team at DC Comics. This department typically deals with cooperative projects between DC and other corporate partners who wish to associate their products or services with DC characters in fun marketing strategies, often in the form of exclusive stories with product placement (examples of other DC clients we’ve worked with include Snickers, Mercedes Benz, Jean Paul Gaultier, LEGO, Cartoon Network, Nestle, and Warner Home Entertainment).

For the General Mills project (and the other projects above), Legendhaus was contracted to hire and manage creative teams of freelance writers, artists, colorists and letterers, provide editorial and art direction, and deliver customized story content, finished and ready to print. In this case, General Mills required new box designs for several of their breakfast cereals, and a set of four collectible “mini-comics” featuring DC’s Justice League characters to be randomly inserted inside. Legendhaus was responsible for the creation of the four mini-comics.

Each had to be an original stand-alone story featuring all four of the main Justice League heroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash), each focusing on one character in particular (no obvious product placement was necessary in these stories). We assembled four impressive teams to create this custom content, from some of the best talent working in comics...

GM Superman cover.jpg


Power Play

Tony Bedard: Story

Jerry Ordway: Pencils

Juan Castro: Inks

Guy Major: Colors

Comicraft: Lettering

Alé Garza &

Luis Guerrero: Cover art

GM Batman cover.jpg


Dark Reflections

Fabian Nicieza: Story

Rick Leonardi: Pencils

Bob Wiacek &

Scott Hanna: Inks

Rex Lokus: Colors

Comicraft: Lettering

Scott Koblish &

Val Staples: Cover art

GM Wonder Woman cover.jpg

Wonder Woman:

Truth Hurts


Ivan Cohen: Story

June Brigman: Pencils

Roy Richardson: Inks

Jeremy Lawson: Colors

Wes Abbott Lettering

Dan Panosian: Cover art

GM Aquaman cover.jpg


Alien Justice

Tony Bedard: Story

Tom Grummett: Pencils

Keith Chapagne: Inks

Sotocolor: Colors

Wes Abbott Lettering

John McCrea &

Mike Spicer: Cover art


To see samples of the art from these awesome stories, please check out this gallery...

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