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Client: Phoebe Nir

Services: Creative Direction, Illustration, IP Creation/World Building, Concept Art, Character Design

It's not too often that one gets hired onto a project that grows to become a true labor of love, but the Diana & Navy & The Golden Tooth graphic novel is one of those rare cases! When writer/creator Phoebe Nir contacted Legendhaus, she was looking for someone to oversee the development of her project by hiring and managing of a creative team (much like our role on the Dalai Lama graphic biography, a project she admired). However, upon reading the script to her story, Legendhaus chief, Steve Buccellato, fell in love with the story and characters and convinced Phoebe to let him do everything himself!

Diana & Navy & The Golden Tooth is the first story in Young Adult series of graphic novels, about two gifted sisters who must find each other, and their place in a post-apocalyptic dystopian America, where an ancient magic has resurfaced!

Currently under development, a few images from the project have been shared on social media. More news to follow!

Follow Diana & Navy at the links below:


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