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Clients: DC Comics, LEGO

Services: Editorial, Art Direction, Illustration

This project is one of many examples of our ongoing relationship with the “Special Projects” team at DC Comics. This department typically deals with cooperative projects between DC and other corporate partners who wish to associate their products or services with DC characters in fun marketing strategies, often in the form of exclusive stories with product placement (examples of other DC clients we’ve worked with include Snickers, Mercedes Benz, Jean Paul Gaultier, General Mills, Cartoon Network, Nestle, and Warner Home Entertainment).

For the LEGO projects (and the other projects above), Legendhaus was contracted to hire and manage creative teams of freelance writers, artists, colorists and letterers, provide editorial and art direction, and deliver customized story content, finished and ready to print.

To date, Legendhaus has worked on two exclusive LEGO stories for DC Comics. One, a story for Walmart featuring LEGO Batman, and a second for Target featuring LEGO Ninjago characters — both were special point-of-purchase exclusives scheduled around the release of the LEGO Batman Movie and the Ninjago Movie, respectively.

The greatest challenge for these stories was to find suitable artists who could depict the distinctive LEGO-based characters in the necessary art style that the toy company required; it is a very niche speciality, and the few artists that DC’s Special Projects department had previously worked with on LEGO projects were busy at that time. Luckily, we had avenues of our own to explore, and hunted down the best of the best, artist Paul Lee, based on his work we saw featured in LEGO Brickmaster magazine, and commissioned him to work on LEGO Batman. 


Once Paul was on board, it was easy building from there...


Below is a gallery of images from our special visits to "LEGO land!"

Lego Batman
Lego Batman
Lego Batman
Lego Batman
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