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Cover for Man of Peace - The illustrated Life Story

of the Dalai Lama of Tibet
Painting by Alex Grey - Design by Milenda Nan Ok Lee

Available for purchase on Amazon

Client: Tibet House US
Services: Art Direction, Illustration

This ambitious project, a 'graphic novel' adaptation of the Dalai Lama's life story had been in the works since at least 1997. The authors, William Myers and the noted scholar and educator, Robert Thurman, worked long and hard to fulfill their personal promise to HIs Holiness the Dalai Lama to complete this epic work.
After many false starts, less than 50 pages of a nearly 300 page book had been completed by In 2012, This is when Tibet House turned to Steve Buccellato and Legendhaus to help kick the project into high gear.
At first, we worked within the system already set up, providing penciled layouts for the book's painter to work with. But, after a short time, everyone recognized this would not be enough. Steve proposed to take over the entire production as Art Director for the project, hiring a team of experiences traditional and digital artists to create the art, increasing output and the overall quality of the art and storytelling.

In 2017, Tibet House US finally published their dream project; beautiful hardcover and softcover editions of Man of Peace, presenting the inside story of an amazing man, as well as the military occupation of Tibet and its people—a moving work of political and historical nonfiction brought to life in the graphic novel form.


This slideshow shows a merest sample of the vast number of images created over four years to make this book a reality. Artwork by Steve Buccellato (thumbnails, direction), Don Hudson (Pencils), and Kinsun Loh, Miranda Meeks and Andrey Pervukhin (digital paint)

Co-Author Thurman & The Dalai Lama
Story Page 32
Story Page 41
Story Page 75
Story Pages 218-219
Story Page 5
Story Page 5
Story Page 61
Story Page 91
Story Page 91
Story Page 97
Story Page 97
Story Page 97
Story Page 140
Story Page 155
Unused Story Page
Story Pages 162-163
Story Page 94
Story Page 261

"Read this beautiful book and be inspired by the extraordinary way that (The Dalai Lama) has transcended even the most heartbreaking suffering, showing us how we can have love and compassion even for our so-called enemies. The more you learn about this man and his extraordinary life, the more inspired you will be."

 — Desmond Tutu

Man of Peace

Man of Peace

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