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Client: SciFutures
Services: Art Direction, Illustration, Storyboard Art, Custom Content, "Live Storyboarding"

his ambitious project, a 'graphic novel' adaptation of the Dalai Lama's life story has been in the works since at least 1997. The author, William Myers has worked long and hard to fulfill a personal promise to the Dalai Lama to complete this epic work.
After many false starts, less than 50 pages of a 200+ page book had been completed. In 2012, Tibet House turned to Steve Buccellato and Legendhaus to help kick the project into high gear.
At first, we worked within the system already set up, providing penciled layouts for the book's painter to work with. But, after a short time, everyone recognized this would not be enough. Steve proposed to take over the entire production as Art Director for the project, hiring a team of traditional and digital artists to create the art, increasing speed and the art's overall quality. Today we are on track to finish the book (now planned as a serial) in 2014.

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